New Year New Beginnings

We are reading three books, the first one is all about the Chakras, Eastern Body Western Mind is still carrying over from last year and people and preferring to read it as a personal manual and take their time with processing it, you can join the discussion anytime by joining us.

The second book added this year is Energies of Love, written by one of the most prominent Energy workers, Donna Eden has been doing healing work for the last 25 years, and her first book has been translated to Chinese bringing for the first time western work to feed back into the Chinese Energy traditional healing. This book is a handbook on relationships, very extensively written and with great feedback, Join Us while we explore this great book

The third book is all about creation from the highest place of creation, changing our lives by changing ourselves, the work of Dodson has been recognised  by many visionaries of our time and this book was even translated into Arabic, pick it up and start reading with us, I am personally listening to it on audible, figure out the best way for you and Join us!


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Current reading: Eastern Body Western Mind- Anadea Judith

This area is our library, we create new posts as a summary for each book. It is public and can be shared. Book discussions are private and have a password, only people subscribed will be able to join in. If you or any of your friends are interested in joining our next book discussion, you are welcome to


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